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Information on Soulmates & Twin flame Connections

The #1 question people ask me during a psychic reading is, if the person they are dating is their Soulmate or Twin flame?

When I'm giving a Psychic or Soulmate energy reading, I pick up people's energy and everything around the situation, I can see those who actually found their Soulmate or Twinflame, because their spirits shine brighter than others that are just casually dating someone. There is a positive spark in their aura and in their eyes and only happens when you are complete and found your true Soulmate. There are different types of Soulmates, there are companion Soulmates, Karmic and Twinflames, but all are Soulmates. They connect when the time is right and it's no accident find each other, they connect when the time is right. sharing spiritual lessons and to teach us something. The energy and feelings are intense and the spiritual connection is very deep, they can go through lifetimes trying to connect. Soulmates connecting are always destined, never by accident. There is a purpose or some type of lesson that we need to learn. Not all Soulmates are romantic, we can even connected through our family, co-workers and friends, it's easier than ever connecting with a soulmate with social media and all these special gadgets almost everyone owns now a days. There is a lot of mystery around Soulmates, I will give you a brief summery of the differences between Soulmates, Karmic connections and Twinflames.

A karmic Soulmate is a person that shares some a karmic attachment from a past life, or psychic agreement. There are different types of karmic relationships, some can be romantic while others are Platonic. There is usually an intensity to their energy similar to Twinflames. Soulmate connections appear in a person's life after a negative experience and they there to help you heal. Some time you will have dreams of your soulmate before you meet them. and get a feeling of deja vu almost like you known him/her for years or in a another lifetime. You can have a lot in common with your Soulmate and sometimes it can feel like almost identical, but actually in many ways, absolutely the opposite of each another. This also can help you tune into what you will need to learn from him/her. You have certain obstacles and challenges together especially Twinflames there will spiritual tests, also connections went trials in the past. It’s common to find your True Soulmates, Twinflame or karmic connection sharing the same histories like each other. Twinflames are extreme and you meet your twinflame when you least expect it, you know right away this person takes your breath away and that there is a sense that you know this person before. When they are in need and you know they are in trouble, you can feel a spiritual vibration in one of your chakras and it usually the heart chakra. You may be seeing the numbers like 11 or 1111 usually a repeated pair of numbers, they can appear on a clock, sign, billboard and can appear anywhere. Age can be a big difference, some have none, one can live on the other side of the world (this is what I meant it's easier with social media to find your soulmate), they can be in other relationships or married, but whatever the situation is, Twinflames always find each other in the end. Twin flames are one spirit split into two, yes it sounds beautiful but it can also be chaotic and negative until they are connected.

Whatever your situation is, I can help you find clarity in your relationship or when you will meet your Soulmates. I'm available for chat and Email Readings.

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