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3rd generation Spiritualist

Master in Spiritual Therapy & Channeling
Reiki Master 


My spiritual gifts come from a long descendant of 3 generations. I knew I had a purpose to use this phenomenal Gift. It all started in July of 1984, I was on the Mediterranean beach of "La Plage de Sete" in France, with many summertime activities with kids and people and etc.. when I felt a sudden silence and had a vision of distress, a feeling of choking and the feeling of fear in the water. I immediately swam into the sea, as I was swimming I saw from a distance, hands, splashing of water and a man unable to scream for help. Carefully I brought him back to shore.
I then began to develop my gifts and use it to reach out to where it was needed. I've studied among the best Spiritualists of new age metaphysics in France and began my vision quest. Then, I went on to travel all over Europe to open my spiritual gifts to where ever the universe lead me and discover perfecting the karma balance with soulmate connections.
My gifts include Positive energy reinforcement, channeling in on your lovers energy.
My specialties are : Soulmates, Lost Loves, Dating, Marriage problems, Current Lovers, Future Lovers, Spiritual Insight, Dream Interpretation.
Mastered in Spiritual Therapy & Channeling for 20 years, I have been specializing in Soulmates & Twinflames, Past Lives & Karmatic Energies for over 20 years. I’m an intuitive em-path to put you on the positive path. True happiness can be gained with the help of my knowledge and spiritual guidance.I will use my special gifts to help you find your true & inner path in life.I offer my ability to see outcomes of situations with accuracy.
I am also a Reiki Master and I will, soon, be offering distance healing through Reiki treatments.
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