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Psychic Reading Via Email

Pick the type of reading you would like below

Please read the instructions for your email readings: after you have submitted payment for your reading through PayPal, come back to this page because PayPal will not re-direct you.

Choose the Email reading matching the amount of questions you have.

All Psychic readings include Tarot & Clairvoyance.


Fill in the submission form below with the required information for your Psychic Email Reading.


Please allow 48 hours for Email Readings based on my availability.

Follow up questions are not included in these readings. Please order a follow-up email or chat reading if you need more clarity and have additional questions afterwards.

Mini Reading - One Question - 2 Cards

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Tarot - Oracle  - 3 Questions - 3 Cards

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Basic Oracle - 4 Questions - 4 Cards

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Spiritual Energy Tarot - 5 Questions - 6 cards

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Soulmate Twin flames Energy - 8 Questions - 
10 Cards, Crystals & Stones

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Ultra Spiritual Soulmate/Twin flames - 12 Questions - 
14 Cards - Crystals, channeling spiritual guidance

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(One question per person).

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