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Free one question Psychic Reading 

Reno uses spiritual gifts of his clairvoyance, along with the tools of Tarot, oracle Cards and also a Pendulum for direct yes or no answers, getting messages from spirit guides.


How to get one free question answered first fill out the form completely with your name and info required (DOB is necessary to complete reading) into the form below, your question.

Be patient questions, Due to an overwhelming response for a free question, all questions will be answered in the order as they are received.

Submitting one free question multiple times will not get your reading quicker or bump up the list.

Keep in mind one question per person.

Permission to be added to Newsletter and contact list (no obligation).

You give your consent to be added to our mailing list. You will be notified with updates, offers and free readings. We will always treat your personal information/reading completely confidential & private and never sell them to any other company. You can always opt out any anytime and your information will be deleted from our database. *

Legal Disclaimer:

Terms of agreement, services and privacy policy.  

Thanks for submitting!

By clicking submit you are stating that you are 18 or over. 

Agree to the disclaimer of Terms and conditions and aware of the privacy policy.

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