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During Psychic Chat & Email Readings you have to be open minded.

I work with both my Spirit Guides along with yours, to channel the energy and answer your questions truthfully.

Be aware, sometimes you may not like what you hear in a Psychic, soulmate or Twin flame reading. Because of ego, these psychic love readings are meant to help you on your path and use these messages to your highest good.


Please note: I GIVE only THE TRUTH.

I use my abilities and gifts to help guide you. You have choices in your life on how you use the spiritual guidance and information I give to you directly.

During a reading, I will help you become motivated and empowered by the knowledge of spiritual energy  that you now have and feel secure in your soul journey that you are on.


No matter our choices in life, we all  can true achieve happiness, love and peace in our lives.

This is my main goal!


Choose from the type of reading you would like below. Please allow 48 hours for Email Readings based on my availability.


For Chat Readings, I use either Text, Yahoo messenger, Skype, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp KIK ..etc...

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