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What is a STARSEED and are you a STARSEED?

What is the meaning of the word Starseed ?

Can a Stardeed be your Soulmate ?

The term Starseed is pretty recent, modern, meaningless or meaningful depending of the context. It holds as much as Psychic meaning sometimes as you put onto it. Everybody seems to have their own version of the word; which is wonderful.

This concept has been growing in the spiritual and psychic community as being a Starseed. You can either be qualified to be one or not.

If you are reading this page of my Blog, you are more likely a Starseed.

You create specific definition of words. By example, it is a general agreement that what we are naming a chair as an object you sit on, but there are different kinds of chairs in the Universe.

A Starseed seems to be someone who is awakened to any capacity. Starseeds are incredibly broad and cover a wide range of people.

You may have heard like I did before different definitions about a Starseed, such as someone who came from another planet and incarnated here or someone purpose is to awaken people. I have also heard that a Starseed could just simply be an awakened person.

What happens when a word holds a different meaning for each person? We are the creators of language and the meaning behind it.

To me, a Starseed is someone who is in their purpose, which is creating a real shift on the planet. There are millions of people who are stuck in their routines, belief systems and the cycle of the working world.

Society is designed to keep us so distracted, it’s not our fault if we can’t automatically awake and see the truth of Life.

A Starseed is someone who feels compelled to experience truth, whatever that looks like for them or simply such as in most case a Soulmate or your Soulmate.

A Starseed is someone that follows his(her) passion, discerning the truth and awakening people through your demonstration!

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