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Twin flame Awakening - Preparing for Union

The spiritual awakening that happens with twin flames and also certain soulmate connections can be a very intense process. The divine union is what brings the awakening to life.

It can be a very beautiful and magical to a very brutally painful emotional experience.

This is the sole journey that involves meeting different types of sole connections, many times karmic connections are associated with toxic and chaotic energy that needs to be released.

This is called a false twin. But the fact is that it is a karma Energy. We all go through it and have had been involved with one or more.

Issues need to be released and on both sides as they are both trying to figure out their life changes. You may be currently involved with a karmic relationship. It is all part of your soul surrendering energy in order to lead you towards your divine partner.

Karmic relationships prepare us before meeting our divine partner.

Twin flames are the most intense as they are our other half.... a mirror or a reflection of our true authentic self.

Twin flames bring us down to our knees, helping us to heal ourselves and love one another.

Twin flame connections are unique and very sacred. There is also a pattern that happens with divine unions.

During this whole process, he will dive into every level of your soul center. Releasing hurt, old wounds, shame and any type of negativity been holding onto.

Your previous beliefs no longer serve any type of purpose in your life. You are automatically upgraded to a higher and more spectacular version of yourself.

Your souls are connecting and awakening to a higher level; this is called the Ascension.

Opening yourself and remembering your true purpose with your twin flame.

Feeling one another in a Cosmic Star-Seed into a 5D level.

Twin flames usually go through the separation process in order to find themselves. Releasing and surrendering any internal conflict in order to come together.

This will help them find their true path into a divine union.

After you meet your twin, things will never be the same, the awakening begins for both twins. The one may be afraid to take it to the next level. This is often referred to a Runner & Chaser stages.

Learning how to work on themselves and prepare for divine union.

Letting go of internal conflict is the key. Getting more in tune with balancing your spirituality and grounding yourself also helps with getting through the process. It can be a very painful experience if you are resisting, it is highly recommended that you go with the flow and let go of anything that is holding you back from working on yourself. When you work on you, you are also working on your twin. The both of you work together as one.

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