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How to add Positive Energy to bring your Soulmate or Twin flame back?

Positive people are highly drawn to positive energy and negative people are most of the time drawn to the negative energy.

We tend to look at negative energy as what other people have. Yes, we sometimes feel negative, but did you know that negativity can be absorbed so easily.. which actually goes unnoticed.

Negativity is like a disguise called reality. You may think that positive people are just not being realistic and that they are being naive or in denial, like their heads are stuck in the clouds and they have fake smiles on their faces. But are they actually happy or is there something in their thinking that keeps them positive?

Being realistic is not automatically negative, when you see the World from a realistic standpoint, you end up being negative but that’s if your version of reality is actually negative.

If you are thinking that a pattern is always negative, you are setting up yourself to believe that everything will go wrong.

Your unconsciously thinking turns you into this negative person without even being aware of it!

Believe in yourself, don’t look at the glass being half empty. Try to invite a positive thought in your mind each day, I love reading positive quotes off the internet and I save them in my phone to look at each time that i feel a negative emotion about to come through.

If you are only thankful when things go right, you are actually negative. And if you are grateful for what is to come (including unpleasant life lessons), then you will invite more positive energy in your life.


Hearing positive sounds

Thinking about the unpleasant sounds and disturbing noise in our World during the day can causes stress and negative energy. You probably got use to them and don’t pay attention anymore.

It is a great time to listen to the sounds around you. You may control them, but you can enhance some of the sounds you listen too. Beautiful sounds of music like wind chimes and nature will attract positive energy in your environment. Listening to positive sound vibrations will boost your energy. Try to incorporate some healthy pleasant sounds around you


Power drawn from positive pictures

Beautiful images are very powerful and will influence us. Be careful on what you see and watch, especially on TV where exposure to negative and violent tv shows will not attract positive energy. The same goes for pics, magazines and everything on the Internet.

Keep your eyes on inspiring and uplifting pictures. Hang colorful artwork in your home and the office. Try to look for the positive heartwarming positive movies and TV shows. Only have positive magazines and websites that only promote encouraging ideas and pics. stay away from tabloids, go out and spend time in nature and try to view a sunrise or sunset.

These pictures make you feel good and ignite your spiritual level. Everyone knows law of attraction that like always attracts like. You will see more positive energy that will be drawn to you.


Positive smells and fragrance

Certain types of scents can affect us emotionally, especially unpleasant odors that will make us miserable and even to the point of feeling sick. Some other fragrant scents can be invigorating... try to surround yourself with fragrances that make you feel good, like beautiful perfumes, flowers, scented body washes and soaps... they are perfect ways to attract the positive energy. Also wearing a nice scent to give you confidence and a feeling to attracts good vibrations. Try some new fragrances into your home too; I love scented candles and you can try an oil diffuser. Beautiful sweet incenses are another great way to scent your home and there are so many choices available.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to bring in positive energy. To attract positive energy, try working with peppermint, lavender, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, or other fruity citrus oils. Sage also cleanses and pushes away negativity.



Using your taste buds will also help raise your vibrational level. Think about all the foods you eat. This is the feeling of gratitude and you feel it throughout your body, staying away from processed and artificial foods, it will give you a sense of feeling energized.

Always be aware of the type of foods you eat. Junk food might seem tasty at first, we all know that certain ones are not good for us and they contains negative chemicals and GMOS that will bring our energy level down. Try eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables... they all contain positive energy and are so much healthier for the body. Think about it... you are what you eat.


The Power of Touch

Touch is another way to bring positive energy. Hugging loved ones more often will make positive energy skyrocket! Also try getting a massage or a pedicure. Pay attention to pets too, as dogs and cats love touch and affection just as much as we do. Also getting your hands a little dirty in the garden is a life affirmation and gives you a positive boost. Continue exploring the World using all five senses, connecting with positive energy not only for you but also for all living things around you!

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