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5 Phases of a Twin Flame Connection

A Twin Flame relationship is not "all perfect", as many of us expect to be, especially in the beginning (usually a few years).

After reading or hearing about Twin Flames and their perfectly balanced energies, many people think it would be like a fairy tale, like the notion of "you find your Twin Flame and live happily ever after" kind of thing.

But in reality, it is not.

It is a perfect relationship, yes but it needs some work from both the partners.

After being separated from each other literally millions of years ago, both Twin Flames went through a lot of pain and suffering… and have been gathering negative emotions in the process.

These deep issues take a while to get sorted out and it can be pretty challenging at some times.

We count up to 5 main phases in a Twin Flame Connection.

To understand correctly a Twin Flame Connection and it's phases, you first must accept the fact that there are no clear timelines or specific periods for any of these phases.

Each differs and is distinct for every Twin Flame Connection as no couple can be exactly the same as an other one.

There are no specific rules. And there are no "One size fits it's all" in a Twin Flame Connection.

Each relationship is unique, just like each couple are.

Phase One – The Preparation

This phase comes before you meet your Twin Flame.

You are deeply inside and secretely looking for your Karmic Partner.

You are feeling empty and keep having this strong desire to meet "The One".

At this point, when you first begin to awake spiritually, you desire to meet your perfect love, whose image you will carry in your imagination (or dreams).

This happens because you know deep inside that Twin Flame is coming ! You can feel it in your gut !

Phase Two – The Meeting – A Glimpse of Heaven

This is the phase when you actually meet with your Twin Flame for the first time (in this incarnation).

You might try to resist at this point but you will fall for him/her anyway.

Then comes a short period of ‘perfection’. This is what is called a Glimpse of Heaven.

You will most likely meet your Twin Flame in unusual circumstances or at some unexpected place.

You’ll find this person somehow "special" at first sight. Even though you might not even think of them as a partner.

You will, very soon, find yourself being attracted to this person, your Twin Flame.

You might not be ready for a relationship and so you might try to resist to this attraction.

You’ll fall anyway, deeply in love.

You’ll find all that you have been looking for in a partner and much more.

This is what you are supposed to experience with a Twin Flame Connection.

Being aware of this perfect connection brings back a lot of past memories that were hidden within yourself. This makes you desire to look further.

Phase Three – The Dance – Resolving what is known as Karma

That is the difficult and challenging phase.

It begins after you have been in a relationship with your Twin Flame for a while.

In this phase, all the accumulated negativity and stressfull emotions come to surface.

This phase is actually a truly divine process in which the Twin Flames get deeply cleansed with each other’s help.

This is also going to be the phase where both Twin Flames get spiritually enlightened.

This is when they search and find a spiritual balance.

If you are currently in a Twin Flame relationship and in this phase, you will encounteer frequent arguments and fights.

Phase Four – The Reunion

This is the phase of the reunion when the split souls becomes One again.

This happens first in a spiritual level of the soul and then in the physical plane.

This reunion happens when both partners are fully aware of the spiritual reality.

Once this phase begins, both spiritual awakenings run free, without any more bandages or blocages.

Phase Five – Eternal Bliss – Being Loved

This is the "Happily Ever After" Phase.

Both Twin Flames will be fully spiritually aware and enlightened at this time.

There is perfect love and harmony.

Twin Flames can from this moment enjoy their sacred love and Intimacy.

The World truly becomes theirs… they can ascend together, they grow spiritulally…

just like they always were supposed to …

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