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Cutting ties with your Twinflame... is that a myth or even possible?

Cut the cords with your Soulmate or Twin flame?

This is something that has been attempted for thousands of years, but from all my researches and knowledge, nobody has been successful in cutting ties.

When it comes to a genuine Twin flame connection, there is no way to disconnect and cut the ties. On the contrary, it can make things much more difficult, complicated, and extreme.

In some instances, if this is not a true Twin flame connection but a Karmic connection that mimics a Twin flame energy, this is again something that you can’t disconnect from since there is a reason why you are in this karmic connection.

Trying to cut the ties with your Twin flame is like cutting the other half of your Soul off. You understand more now why it is impossible to do such a thing!

A Karmic connection or like I call it a Karmic flame, is a distinct Divine connection where someone is brought to help you bring the energy out that needs to be released and healed.

So either way, this is all part of your Soul journey to find true love and happiness in your life despite if it is with another person.

Extreme intensity linked to a Divine connection

Cutting cords can feel better for a split second, this can last up to a day, sometimes even a few weeks, but very fast the energy comes right back from to you, and you may feel it even stronger than before, especially if you are in separation phase.

Your Twin flame Soul journey is about getting together while helping each other get stronger, to help each other accomplish something for the greater good. Attempting to cut the cords with this connection is definitely not the answer, it will create more turmoil and anxiety in the long run.

Self-Awareness ~ Understanding how this all works

You may have read or heard something related to it, but the best way to work on yourself is to get through your past life lesson and to heal from them. Nobody can tell you what they are because they are personal & confidential, only you know of them.

Releasing and surrendering excess energy or negative vibes can help you let go of ego and fear-based energy.

I can help you understand which direction you need to take, but it’s your duty to do the background work and correct what is necessary in order to move forward. It’s a good idea to work and increase your own spiritual awareness as well as your higher self in order to hear the messages that your Spirit Guides / Angels are giving you.

Pay attention to the messages you are receiving from your Angels, codes, sensations, feelings, numbers your see everywhere...

This will help you to ascend higher to the next level and come into a divine union with your Twin flame.

The phase of separation

The separation happens when both of the Twin flames are finding their inner truth to understand what they need in their lives. You may say that one of them is not ready, but in reality, both of them are actually not ready.

This all comes down to the both of them working on themselves, releasing anything that no longer serves them, and awakening to their inner truth.

The separation sometimes will last longer than others, depending on what they need to release and heal from their old past wounds.

Preparing for the phase of union

Whenever you try to disconnect or cut off the ties, this will create a feeling of depletion and anxiety, sometimes even creating a panic mode feeling.

But instead, understanding the situation better by working on what you know internally and allowing the healing process to begin as you both tune into one another energetically.

Your own spirituality & awareness will help raise your vibration and connect to your higher self. This is a part of a true master plan with the divine which helps with healing and manifesting your divine union.

Twin flames serve a higher purpose

As Twin flames come together in union, you learn that there is more between them both that serves not only them but more for the greater good.

Twin flames are supercharged and become the ultimate "Power Couple". This is to help and correct their own imperfections as they are opening up a new balance of harmony & love with each other.

Twin flames need to work on themselves as they simultaneously work with one another, releasing and letting go of their excess baggage and old past wounds.

Healing through Meditation is essential.

Try to integrate meditation on a daily basis, this doesn’t just help you relax but will help you upgrade to a higher level which is necessary to connect with your higher self. You also need to uplift your own spirit by focusing on self-love and practicing self-care.

Many of you don't know how to meditate or what to look for, don't worry! We all need to learn and I am here to guide you step back by step. Also, there are a lot of "clichés" about meditating... this is not about dressing in special clothes, being in sacred places and it is surely NOT about how much time you spend meditating.

So before getting discouraged or feeling lost, just contact me and I will give you easy tips to make your experience even simpler.


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