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Soulmates & Twin flames: how to process the Runner & Chaser stages?

I wanted to share with you more details and information pertaining to the Runner & Chaser stages.

I realized now that many of you are not aware of this process and how to manage it in the best efficient way.

This process is complicated and can get very confusing when it comes to Twin flames and divine partners and when they are stuck at the separation stage.

Many of you, whom I am helping, often think that this was an accident or a mistake if they are today in this type of situation.

Can Twin flames in separation try to speed the process or cut the ties?

The truth is that there is no way to disconnect, speed or cut the ties with your Twin flame. All those steps are actually the stages of coming into a Twin flame union.

Twin flames go through the Runner & Chaser stages more frequently that you may think. This is part of their individual and emotional task that they need to work on, in order to release and surrender their negativities.

Trying to understand it can be very confusing and complicated. Let me rephrase that... nothing about a Twin flame connection, not even the Runner & Chaser phase easy!


The Soul runner is not actually running from their Twin or divine partner but actually running away from themselves.

The chaser is not exactly chasing the Runner either, but knows that there is something that goes beyond their connection.

They will do everything in their power, no matter what, to let them know that they are still here... waiting for their other half.

Can the Twin flame Runner & Chasers phase take years?

It’s not so much how long they run or chase each other, but how long they need to self-heal and become grounded.

Energetically and spiritually, when you stop running from yourself, the Twin flame runner stops running away from the relationship...

This is all about working on yourself and raising your vibration when you start to find yourself on a higher vibrational frequency. At this time, I highly recommend practicing some relaxation and meditations as well as keeping yourself grounded on a daily base, before starting your day.


The energy will be reciprocated because Twin flames are connected and sending energy to one another constantly.

Twin flames mirror one another and everything will improve drastically once they begin to accept and love themselves.

The energy of acceptance and unconditional love is what Twin flames are feeling with each other.

Will the separation stages will help unite Twin flames?

Balancing your energies deep inside your soul center will help your twin awaken. This is part of the motivation that is being sent and inspires your other half to feel safe and grounded.

The separation actually helps them to realize who they truly are and how both of them can grow their true 5G energies together, into the highest frequencies and raising the vibrational level.

Giving yourself as much love will help your Twin flame.


Working over so many years with my dear spiritual colleagues and Twin flames, I can affirm with conviction that there’s no way to truly speed the Twin flame union quicker, bring them back sooner or stop them from running or even disconnect from their divine Soulmate or Twin flame partner.

However, there are things that can help with this entire process. Think of it as there are many different life lessons that Twin flames and divine partners need to go through with healing.

It actually helps them to see their inner truth and show them the awakening path. They first must be ready to come into union; the only way for that to happen is if they release the underlying issues beneath.

Meditations, relaxations, grounding themselves and getting more in tune with spirituality will help Twin flames understand and feel the calm to get past the anxiety of separation.

If you’re going through a difficult time with your divine Soulmate or Twin flame, for a limited time only, I am offering one free question. Read the instructions below and fill out the form.

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