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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio today!

This is the third Mercury retrograde we had in 2020 and the last one for this year... Thank you many of you would say!

It begins today, on October 13th and ends on November 3rd (same day as Election Day... oh boy..).

This time, Mercury retrograde will be in the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is a very intense and emotional astrological sign. This retrograde can create a lot of emotional energy shifts for all divine counterparts, including Soulmates and Twin flames, making these relationships more unpredictable than ever.

It can also create an intense and emotional energy, miscommunications between relationships but also has a reputation of reuniting old past lovers including all Soulmates & Twin flames. It is an opportunity to review and reestablish the effects of each areas of the planet ruling.

Scorpio affects emotional energy and intense relationships.The sign rules transformation and releasing. Being in Scorpio during any Mercury retrograde creates intuitive energy that is amplified on a higher frequency. Be aware when you are trying to communicate, by example with your partner or loved one, that everything being said will have a stronger impact than during normal times. If you plan on saying something deep, it’s best to wait after the retrograde post shadow phase is over.

It’s important right now to keep the peace when it comes to deep emotional conversations between lovers and loved ones. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can affect all love and family relationships. During Mercury retrograde, we have seen many time reconciliations happening with old past lovers and relationships, and that includes all friends, ex’s, and people who you have not seen in years. Although it may be negative or positive, it’s best to be aware that with the retrograde, emotional things need to be resolved and repaired energetically. By example, if you have a relationship that ended is a very bitter way, this may be a time to reestablish a new connection with this person and be friends. 

Scorpio is the James Bond sign of the Zodiac and a time to do shadow work on yourself. If you are empathic, it will affect you in a very deep way. Your psychic abilities will be heightened and you will be able to feel where things are stronger energetically. It could be in your best interest to develop your own spiritual abilities by incorporating relaxations and meditations in your daily life. Also keeping yourself grounded spiritually will be amplified during this retrograde.


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