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What are the runner and chaser phases?

There are many different types of soulmate connections (soulmates, twin souls, and karmic connections). We all have more than one that we meet in each lifetime.

They can be anyone that enters in your life, creating some sort of impact. Trying to understand each one’s purpose can be extremely confusing. It is recommended that you never search for a specific type of spiritual connection in a romantic partner.

Many go looking for the twin flame, thinking that this is the ultimate relationship. Although they can come to a 5D higher vibration, this can be a very difficult process as many know, that it is not easy to come into divine union and there is work that needs to be done spiritually that both must do in order to connect. Twin flames are the mirror of your soul. Twin flames go through many different types of challenges and tests in order to get through their life lessons and fulfill their soul journey. This intensity is their energy is extreme, it is because they are reflecting themselves when they looked into each other‘s eyes. So Connections and Soulmate can also have a very deep strong bond as twin flames. Though the twin flame connection has a higher level of intensity with negativity and chaotic dramatic energy, some may say that it could be a curse or a blessing before they do finally come together. Soulmates can also mimic the twin flame connection in many ways and yes they can go through a lot of toxic energy before they finally unite as one. Twin flames are continuously working on themselves simultaneously in order to get it right and usually have to go through separation before they can finally reunite. This is mainly because they need to reflect and purge negativity with excess baggage that they carry in their lives. This will bring their deepest fears and open past ones before they can finally come together in a divine union. They can feel one another's energy at all times, this is reciprocated spiritually.

What is the runner and Chase stage? Now that you understand a little bit about soulmates and twin flames energy connections. Let’s discuss more about the phases that they all may go through before living in harmony. The runner and chaser stages can happen at any time, and this is very common but also a very difficult process that they both must face. No one understands it completely or has any answers on why the runner and she serve stages happen. The runner runs because they have internal conflict and insecurity. They can all of a sudden leave a relationship because of their fear of themselves. They actually don’t understand what is happening to them. This will create the need to run far away from emotional energy they are feeling. There’s many things I can trigger off the runner stage. The runner is not awake on what they’re feeling deep inside. Runners are actually terrified and begin to run. The chaser does not exactly chase, they are all aware and awake at nearest something spiritually bonding down together. But there are sometimes when the chaser tries to tell and help the runner understand their divine connection, which actually creates the runner to run even further. The chaser wants to help, but doesn’t understand why the runner is running. Runners and chasers actually go through the same running pattern with each other, but in different ways and both are lost when they are not together. The runner and chaser phases can go through many different types of tests. And it can last sometimes several months to even years that they need to work on themselves to get it right. Runners need to feel safe, but they are not feeling safe because they are running from themselves deep inside. Runners are constantly working on themselves. It is a process and they can see it but don’t quite understand why. The next step they will go through divine awakening and finally open your eyes to release and surrender. The runner and chaser have a soul mission. They need to find balance in order to come to a divine union. It is meant for them to correct reestablish their energy so they can see clearly and come together as One. If you have any questions about your situation,

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